kite.orders () not giving updated order list

himanjim edited August 7 in Python client
Whenever I place a new order and then fetch orders list using kite.orders () (PYTHON API), the newly placed order doesn't reflect in the list of fetched orders in the first fetch. The kite.orders () API need to be called 3-4 times then only newly placed order is found in the fetched list. This issue mostly surfaces in the first 1-2 mins of market open.
  • sujith
    Can you let us know how long before it appears on the orderbook?

    It is possible that there is a delay because at the opening we fire the AMOs also which will be in tens of thousands and the message queue at the exchange lines also peak at these times. We are constantly working on this to bring this down to the minimum with the OMS team and by increasing lease lines and many other alternatives.
  • himanjim
    In few seconds order appears on the orderbook. This error happens only during first minute of market open.
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