Historicaldata issue and poor support from Zerodha team . Why??

I'm not able to download historical data and having the same issue for past 2 months and trying to reach everyone who can support this in forums. Really feeling very bad and zero support from zerodha to fix the issue. I feel they are digging the graves
  • rakeshr
    rakeshr edited October 2019
    Can you let us know the issue in detail? Possibly paste the debug log here.
    Are you not able to download any specific instrument data or issue in fetching data for all instrument?
  • r2k1984
    I have a authentication issue to get minute historical data . But we see to have paid for it and it is available in our package as your platform shows it as addons.

    I want someone to say why we are still having authentication issue when we are paying the same for last 2 months ?

  • sujith
    You can read here about add-on subscription.
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