Available Cash & Live_balance

I am trying to fetch available funds to trade from API. From the response I received I see few of them as : cash, intraday_payin, live_balance
As per the documentation, cash includes intraday_payin. I have deposited some amount of money yesterday and it reflects correct in intraday_payin but, why does cash section show as Zero ( as this should also include intraday_payin).

And, what does live_balance refer to, there is no mention of this response in the document.

Appreciate your time. Thanks !!
  • sujith
    You can refer to this thread to know more about margins.
  • Yopad
    thanks @sujith , but that doesn't answer my query. if "available cash" includes "intraday payin" , why does cash column show 0 and where as intraday_payin is greater than zero - in the image i shared

    as per the link shared by you, "net" inlcudes adhoc margin and collateral. what if I want to trade only Options, i believe zerodha doesnt provide margin to buy options. in that case how would I know what's the amount i got any my account to trade Options
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