blank refresh token

Why am I not getting the refresh token after successful login?
sample response

"refresh_token": "",
"user_id": "XXXX",
"user_name": "Akhil Pakkath",
"user_shortname": "Akhil",
"user_type": "individual"
  • sujith
    You can refer to this thread.
  • ganeshv02
    hi @sujith , you keep asking to refer to that thread which has very little useful info.

    Can you please tell us what is the purpose of the refresh_token?
    Are the request_token and refresh_token one and the same?
    Can I get a new access token everyday with the same request_token that I got the previous day? .

  • rakeshr
    All your above queries are explained in our API documentation under Request parameters and Response attributes. Please go through API documentation before asking repetative queries.
  • ganeshv02
    Thanks @rakeshr. I have gone through that but will go through again. But that is not the way to reply!
  • sujith
    We are not support agents. We are developers like you who have projects of our own on which we keep working. We take out our time and be active on the forum so that we help the Kite Connect community grow.
    Zerodha doesn't have SLA for answering your queries.

    Every developer goes through the same steps and phases while integrating Kite Connect. It is totally common that people ask the same queries. Hence we have FAQs, documentation and other answered threads to which we keep pointing users to. In turn, it helps us to save our time so that we can work on our projects.

    I would request you to spend 10 minutes of your time and read the documentation. It answers all the above queries you have. I would also suggest please search before asking the queries. 90% of the queries that come in are already answered.

  • ganeshv02
    Thanks you very much @sujith
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