How many programs allowed to execute same time?

Hi ,

I am new to Algorithm trading . I have strategy to trade in scanner for nifty 50 stocks . But looks difficult to trade in single program due to web socket business logic . Is there any way i can create one program for one stock and maintain separate web socket will be easy as well.

  • rakeshr
    You can run multiple programs as required but you need to make sure, you are not exceeding request limits stated here.
  • sujith
    One can open up to 3 websocket connections per api_key. One can subscribe for up to 3000 instruments per connection.
    A better solution is to create one module which just listens to ticks for all the required instruments and others as suits your use case.
  • reddy20190
    Thank you rakeshr and sujith . Is there any limit how many API key we can create per user ? I am not efficient programmer . I can use 1 tick per stock in multiple programs . I am planning to create 50 programs for same algorithm . I am not sure its possible in Kite connect .

    Also could you please confirm whether we can edit the BO order trailing stop loss and stop loss values?
  • sujith
    You can create any number of Kite Connect apps. You will end up spending around 34k per month unnecessarily while you can do the job with just one Kite Connect app which will cost 2k per month.

    One can't modify trailing stop-loss but you can modify stop-loss value after the second leg order is placed.
  • OptionQuant
    @sujith Its not possible to use multiple zerodha kite instances from multiple laptops(though it's possible to have a parallel smartphone session). Logging in at one place forces a logout from some other place that's already logged in

    but if someone is willing to spend is it possible to stay logged into multiple kiteconnect API apps at the same time? Won't logging into one app force a logout from another app that is running? Does it mean if am ok with spending it's possible to have as many websockets open as i want?!
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