Using Publisher and Kite Connect together requires 2 logins

We are building a trading application that enables the end-user to create a trading basket by first getting latest prices and their available margin using the kite connect API. This requires a login. Then once the user is ready, we use the kite publisher plugin to present the basket to the user to purchase. This starts another login workflow. Is it possible to combine the authentication for Kite connect and publisher?

P.S.: We are using the java APIs for Kite connect.
  • rakeshr
    Yeah, the above flow of combining publisher and connect APIs is possible. For multiple user access you need to write to us at talk(at) with details about your platform flow.
  • bondre
    I have sent an email to the address you suggested. However, the reason we started using the publisher plugin was because we want to support multiple users. I will appreciate if you can provide some suggestions here while we open a channel with the rainmatter folks.
  • bondre
    (forgot to tag you). Please refer to my earlier post.
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