Why are dates in 2 different formats in BANKNIFTY symbols?

In the instruments.csv file there are 2 types of symbols for BANKNIFTY.
Can someone please explain these to me?
I understand that 30900 is strike and "CE" is the type of option, but why are the dates given in 2 different formats?


  • sujith
    sujith edited February 4
    BANKNIFTY20FEB30900CE is a monthly expiry instrument and BANKNIFTY2020630900CE is a weekly expiry instrument.
    You can refer to this thread to know more about the weekly tradingsymbol format.
  • rakeshr
    This is monthly Banknifty contract i.e BANKNIFTY FEB 30900 CE.
    This is weekly Banknifty contract i.e Bank Nifty 6th Feb 30900 CE.
  • JeetKumar
    @Sujith and @Rakesh
    Many thanks to both of you for clarifying this.
    Specially the part about using O/N/D for months of Oct/Nov/Dec in weekly symbol.

    Thank you so much! :)
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