Historical Data Vs Current Data

sagard edited February 10 in Java client
Kite Connect subscription - Rs. 2000
Historical data subscription - Rs. 2000,

Could anyone elaborate the difference, what are the API provided by of Kite Connect subscription vs Historical data subscription ?
E.g. If I am looking for today's first 15min candle details & market is live (consider its 12Noon for day). will it be consider Historical data & I need to purchase "Historical data subscription" too ? If not, which API I can leverage to get details of first 15min candle at 12Noon.
  • sujith
    sujith edited February 10
    Kite Connect subscription offers all the features like placing order, fetching orderbook, positions, funds, holdings and much more. The historical data subscription is an add-on on top of the base subscription.
    If you are looking for candle data of 15min then you will have to generate candles at your end using the live market data provided via websockets. You can refer to this thread to know how to get started.

    Even though the 15min candle data of the same day is available in the historical data API. It is provided for backtesting purposes only. We don't recommend using the same for live strategies.
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