Access Token Validity

vepak edited May 2020 in General
Hi There,

I'd like to know how many access tokens are valid at a time? I see if I generate a access token, does previous token get expired?

As I'm testing the strategies in two systems, I observed as soon as I generate new access token in one system other system token will get expired.

Is one active access token per app is the limitation set by kite? or something I'm missing.

Could you please provide clarity over it. Thank you.
  • Sree
    Hi @vepak
    previous access token gets expired by generating a new access token, as only one access token will be active.
    You can check out FAQs to know more.
  • vepak
    Thank you Sree for the answer.

    I see very inconsistent in token expiry as I've got token expiry in the following scenarios

    1. Token expired around 4:00 PM, which is generated the token at 7:20 AM. I see token expiry around 8-9 hours. For how long token is valid?
    2. If I login in kite web, API token is getting expired. Again, this is very random. Is there any dependency between API toke and Kite Web login?

    If you could kindly share your thoughts on this, would be really helpful. As in FAQ's these scenarios are not answered.

    Thank you for your time.

  • sujith
    An access token is valid throughout the day once you have created an access token.
    So technically, if you create an access token today then it will be valid until the next day morning till around 07:00 AM or 07:30 AM.
    Simultaneous sessions across Kite apps was restricted because of the exchange regulations, check out this thread to know more.

    Yes, there is a dependency between the Kite web and the Kite Connect app. Kite Connect login happens on Kite Web. So it is advised to login on the Kite Connect app and then Kite web app. The other way around will kill your Kite Connect session.
  • vepak
    Thank you sujith for the clarification. Will operate within the rules you mentioned.

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