Intermittent Missing of Postback

Dear Zerodha, @sujith
In line with our previous discussion ( we intermittently didn't receive Postback even today. Is there any known issue at your end? - Please clarify at the earliest.
  • ArthaKalpa
    Some of the order IDs for which we didn't receive Postback (For your reference):
    Some of the order IDs for which we have received Postback (For your reference):

  • Vivek
    We found out that few postbacks were dropped during 10AM-11AM. This was fixed around 11AM and we make sure to avoid such issues in future.
  • ArthaKalpa
    @Vivek and @sujith
    I don't even know how to react to this. Postback failures cost us a lot of orders and money. At least an apology was in order I guess. This time at least we have a consensus that indeed some postbacks weren't sent at your (Zerodha's) end. Please please please rectify this in the future and I really hope you do.
    God forbid if it happens again, please be proactive and send out an alert saying Postbacks are dropped for this duration.
  • Vivek
    This was unexpected and we are making provision to avoid such incidents in future.
  • SandeepKV
    @sujith @Vivek as pointed in @ArthaKalpa screenshot here - the ArthKalpa's(AK) client is sending 200 or success response back to ZerodhaServer for each successful postback that they are receiving. Can Zerodha use this response back from clients like AK and use some timeout feature to see which responses are not successfully responded by the client to send back the postbacks that were not sent or missed out? Please, consider this as a feature request. Happy to share ideas or discuss further with the Zerodha team as it helps a larger Zerodha community.
  • sujith
    It is just a notification service. It will send you ping with data when available. It doesn't have any context or storage or any kind of queue mechanism. I am afraid, we can't make any changes for this as of now.

    If your use case doesn't suit postbacks then I would suggest using the websockets API order updates to listen to the order events.
  • ArthaKalpa
    Is websocket API more reliable compared to postback?
    If postbacks have failed, how does Zerodha's UI get the executed order information?
  • sujith
    We use that as an event to fetch orderbook. We don't update records based on postbacks since postbacks have intermediate status.
  • ArthaKalpa
    Sorry for not able to comprehend @sujith
    Use what as an event to fetch orderbook?
    Again, so WebSocket is more reliable than postbacks?
  • sujith
    We use websockets since the connection is already open. Both postbacks and websockets are triggered by the same system.
  • sujith
    I am not sure why you have issues with Postbacks, it is being used in production by many people. No one seems to have an issue.
  • ArthaKalpa
    @sujith and @Vivek
    Sorry. I don't understand this ambiguity. There were a few postbacks that were lost on 26th June 2020. Right @Vivek ?
    I thought Vivek is with Zerodha and he agreed to this. Am I wrong?
  • sujith
    Like @Vivek has mentioned, this was an unexpected incident. It doesn't happen often.
  • rakeshr
    Sorry. I don't understand this ambiguity. There were a few postbacks that were lost on 26th June 2020. Right @Vivek?
    Yeah, we accept the issue of 26th June. That was just an exception on 26th June ( issue limited to period 10 AM-11 AM). You can't generalize(happening all the time) the exception.
    Last time, as stated here, we tried reproducing the same multiple times at our end. But, all responses were fine.
    Alternatively, if you are frequently facing issues regarding postback status, might have an alternate system at your end for the same. Might periodically fetch order history with required order_id collected during order placement and look for order_status(OPEN, COMPLETE, CANCELLED, etc).
  • ArthaKalpa
    @Vivek @rakeshr @sujith
    Please note that I have never generalized (happening all the time) the exception. In fact, the topic name itself has "Intermittent" in it. My response was in clarification to Sujith's concern about why only we are facing issues. Good that we are all on the same page.
    As Rakesh suggests, we will implement that periodic GET orders at our end to make it more robust.

    Thanks guys
  • ArthaKalpa
    ArthaKalpa edited July 2020
    Just to get a better picture, how did others deal with missing postbacks on 26th of June? Why haven't anyone posted a discussion regarding this, except for us? We find it kinda difficult to comprehend the situation...
  • trade_then
    trade_then edited July 2020
    I being one of those others, would want to say that
    • some of us don`t use Postbacks but websocket.
    • and there are many pain points on daily basis regarding trading, but one has just learnt to live with it.
    as there are no solution to them. if they happen they are very slow any way. ( when they are to do with NSE or SEBI or Min of Finance. ) .
    Otherwise what is right about the regulations of exchange and SEBI? they are all painful and colonial.

    when it comes to Zerodha. one understands that these are technical glitches while in covid-19 era.
    not many people doubt their intentions. at least i don`t.

    Althou i too tend to loose because of such glitches. It is a sad affair but what can be done?.

  • ArthaKalpa
    Thanks for joining the discussion
    Did you move to websocket coz Postbacks was more painful (glitchy) or did you start off with websocket itself? - We are planning to stick with Postbacks as we might have to cater to multiple accounts (though it's a dream right now).
    We definitely don't doubt Zerodha's intentions.
    Regarding SEBI, we are all in this together I guess...
    All we can do is make our systems more robust. I am pretty sure even Zerodha is also striving to make its system more and more robust each passing day.
  • ArthaKalpa
    Please throw some light over this concern of ours...
  • trade_then
    Well i started with websocket itself.
    Therefore i am saved of Postback problem.

    My major sour point is
    • waiting for order to complete. that really bugs me when i have placed an order and it awaits approval, and by the time price position ( trade advantage ) has reversed.
    • at that time one does not know where to jump, out of window or up the roof.
    Regarding dealing with multiple clients. i have following suggestion.
    thou i am no expert so please forgive me if i appear foolish suggesting.

    In my app which is personal to me.
    • many charts and strategies have to work together and each requires same data. They are all independent apps by themselves each doing some kind of churning.
    So inside my app i receive order status and ticks via Websocket which is further distributed to all other processes ( in my case processes being clients ) via Similarly you can receive all updates at a central location. from where you push it further to your
    clients via Because Http has lot of latency attached to it.

    I think a branch of Kiteconnect should evolve to using websocket or TCP to increase the throughput.
    and robustness of system.

    Admittedly i never dealt with Web or clients so whatever i have said might be rubbish in that context.
    my apologies for that.


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