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prasad_n_k edited November 2020 in .Net API client
I am running my app after few days. I am getting an error "Error occured at Kite Error while connecting. Message: The remote server returned an error: (429) Too Many Requests." The app was working fine earlier.
@sujith @rakeshr
  • rakeshr
    (429) Too Many Requests
    As the error message states, you are exceeding the rate limit defined here, while making an API request. You need to debug this and add the required delay to be within the defined rate limit.
  • prasad_n_k
    @rakeshr as I mentioned, this code was working without any change before... I am just executing it after few days. Is there any change recently in last 1 month at Kite end which I should be aware of ?
  • rakeshr
    Which API end-point/call is throwing this rate limit error?
    The last update is mentioned here.
  • vijoeyz

    From this post:
    3. In addition, we are revising the 3000 subscription limit over maximum 3 WebSocket connections to 4000 instruments over 3 WebSocket connections
    I always wondered on how to create more than one websocket connection. Is there an example?
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