Quote call and the websocket data mismatch


Hello Kite team,

as i already raised my issue related to rest request , but i not got any solution from your end.

still i am facing issue with Rest request (i.e getlastquote , getltp etc..)
as i already post my discussion , still i am explaining you with proof as below.
mostly after 9:00 PM your rest request gives different values rather than running in web-socket stream.
we found that your rest request are stuck on specific time and after that on every request it gives same response.

yesterday at "22.22.20" means "10:22:20" PM , all rest request are stuck and gives same response up to 11.30 pm.
this fault is not in our development it is your fault, because we have executed request in command prompt at raw level

for better understanding i have attached proof.
i have also highlighted timestamp of server and timestamp of your response with yellow line.
(* attached image is for silver December future , in all commodity future i were face same issue.)

i sincerely request your team to take sincere action on this issue, because of this issue , every time i am getting wrong analysis and facing losses.
and also let me know exact issue from your end.

waiting for your genuine response as soon as possible...


  • sbdavra
    i sincerely request kite team to resolve this rest request issue and update me as soon as possible.

  • ZI4453
    I am not from kite team ,
    i see "ltt at 10:22:01" which means no trade happened post that, is there any other way you confirmed that there was trade but broker failed to update ?
    like you can ask any of other trader(any other brokerage) to run a GET request(or check candles) and see if you get different result.
    If so then this broker is at fault.
  • sbdavra
    Thanks for your response ,
    in all MCX future this was happened and i also checked other terminals like NOW, Trade tiger and even Zerodha KITE app.
    everywhere buy quotation , sell quotation and ltp are correct and same and even in zerodha web-socket stream also.

    but in rest request it was returned same value from 10.22.00 PM to 11.30.00 PM..

    it means that there is issue in rest request , i have also posted my complaint before 4-5 days.
    but one given me proper answer and solution.
    i dont know why they are not accepting this issue and not resolving it.

    so waiting for kite team to reply me ..

  • sujith
    We have asked the concerned team to monitor today and check the issue.
  • sbdavra
    thanks for response after all.
    for your more information this is not frequent issue , so you may have to monitor it for long time or may be 3-5 working days.

    is there any possibility that i can call respective person when this issue will be raised ??
    waiting for your positive solution...
  • sujith
    You can private message me or @Vivek on the forum when this happens. Anyways, we are monitoring from today.
  • sbdavra
    hello kite team,

    any update on this post ??,
    have you observed and resolved it ??
    please update me on this , due to this issue i stopped my analysis application.

    so please clarify me your final status.
  • rakeshr
    By enabling the logs, we didn't find any issue. We are investing on this. We will keep you updated.
  • rakeshr
    We have thoroughly checked Quote call API LTT and time_stamp for few mcx contracts including Silver Dec fut(as stated above), all values are correct.
    We will log this for few more trading sessions and re-check for the above mismatch.
    Do let us know, if you encounter the above issue again.
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