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I have gone through the various pinned threads and threads linked to within those pinned thread. Strangely enough, there is no answer (or at least i couldn't find one after searching for a considerable time) which tells how an individual can start using the API. The FAQ thread points to this thread: to anyone looking to understand what one is supposed to enter in the Redirect URL but the best answer there says:

"After user authenticates his kite account he will be redirected to redirect url with request_token. and we post order updates to given postback url, please refer documentation -"

First, the link is not working and second what does it mean to say "After user authenticates"? I don't even know what to put in the URL in the first place. Is there a getting started guide thread that walks a newcomer to this API on how to fill out the initial form, subscribe to the historical data (i know its another 2000 bucks but no clue where to pay for it!). I am just an individual with reasonable proficiency in Python but no experience in server side/web programming. Thanks

  • sujith
    Kite Connect is a set of APIs which allows users to place orders, fetch orderbook, positions, funds, holdings, fetch live market data, and more. One has to create a Kite Connect app on developers console to get api_key which is used for making the API calls.
    One can sign up here to create a Kite Connect app.
    Once a user creates a Kite Connect app, it is valid for a month.
    You can check out the login flow of Kite Connect here.
    You can refer to FAQs as you progress to know about specific common questions.
  • parikshitbhinde
    Thanks Sujith. So can i just enter as redirect URL? If i am just going to use the API for myself and not create any app that i want other users to use? The webinar (accessed through the webinar link on Kite Connect app page) says that postback URL is needed to access order details but I don't own any URL. Is that an issue?
  • sujith
    The postback URL is an optional field, you can ignore it for now. You can use order updates via websockets as an alternative.
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