Maximum allowed order modifications exceeded.

Hi @sujith
During execution of our algo we received this limit error.
Maximum allowed order modifications exceeded.
We had modified our orders nearly 20+ times. after that this error occurred.

If there is order modifications limit set to 20 - 25 times. then it becomes hard to do trailing on intraday basis.
Can this limit be increased , or there is some other workaround that you can suggest.
  • sujith
    sujith edited February 17
    You will have to cancel and place an order again. We have discussed this constraint with the team, we are yet to arrive at any kind of conclusion.
    Another workaround can be to have a count of modification for each unique order_id and once the count exceeds 24, cancel the previous order and place a fresh order with the current modifying price.
  • Imran
    Thanks for the response.
  • samphel
    @Imran @sujith raised the same issue few days back ,if you are limiting at every process then what is the use of using your API and how can our trading platform is algo trading .. i request zerodha team to at least increase the modiying limit.
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