fetch multiple instrument tokens' tick at once

Hello , i am new to this, i want to fetch 2 or more instruments tokens' every tick in single program so i have written the code as bellow, this below code gives me the first tick for both the token after the first tick it only gives for one token id only, kindly help

ArrayList tokens = new ArrayList<>();
  • sujith
    You will receive ticks only when there is a change in data for any of the subscribed tokens.
    You can know more here.
  • stillsweet
    hello sujith, thank you for the quick response,

    as the above two tokens which i mentioned it of nifty fut and banknifty fut, so there are tick every second or two, but i am getting only fist tick for both, and then after only for on instrument, so can you please share any example or thread where i can find the solution
  • rakeshr
    This doesn't looks like correct instrument token. Can you re-check on this?
    Fetch latest instrument list from here.
  • stillsweet
    rakesh sir you are great. Thank you so much for you quickest and perfect reply, i feel asham for such a silly mistake, but thank you very much, heartly appriciate
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