Not able to find instrument id for banknifty historical options strike

I am trying to get instrument id from kite.instruments for bnf historical options but not able to get instrument id (which I want to pull historical data)
However, I can do same for future but not expired options.

Is there something to know how to fetch expired options?


How to get instrument id for below symbol?
Getting historical price for NFO:BANKNIFTY2260934800CE
Getting historical price for BANKNIFTY2260934800CE
    Expired options data is not available.

    Only expired future contracts data is available in the form of daily candles.

    Read more about continuous historical data here:
  • prafulls
    Ohh, how come other platforms getting those? Those are pulling directly from NSE servers?
    Yes,it might be !
  • prafulls
    Thanks @SRIJAN. It looks like I wasted rs 2000 for historical data thinking it had options data.
  • DJ_Jain
    I want to fetch historical futures data for say 4 years, for current month futures. Using 'continuous', I get data only for the token I pass, e.g. if I pass token for Nifty 22Jun FUT, it returns data only for June-22 Futures.

    I want to fetch data for current months futures for each month for last 4 years i.e. if I query for current month futures (June 22) for 4 years, then what I expect is that for June 22, it returns June 22 futures data from last Friday of previous month (since May 22 futures would be traded upto last thursday of May, next day May futures retire and flushed). Before that day, i.e. last friday of may and backwards until last friday of april, it returns May-22 futures data, and so on and so forth for last 4 years.

    Is it possible to get it that way?
    SRIJAN edited July 1
    Yes, it's possible.

    That's what continuous data API returns.
  • DJ_Jain
    @srijan thanks. I will try it out. I hope the data won’t be limited only for three months of the futures queries for.
  • rakeshr
    Go through historical data FAQs to understand instrument token usage to fetch continuous candle data.
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