Order limits when using multiple API access

Let's say I have bought 3 Kite API subscriptions.
1 API key has 10 orders/sec rate limit and 3000/day
If I use 3 concurrent connections, will that change to 30 orders/sec and 9000 orders/day?
  • MAG
    MAG edited November 2023
    Please go and read the faqs here and the api limits here.

    It's clearly mentioned in the second link (no of request to API) that the order limit is at the account level. So whether you create one app or 10, you are still limited to 3000 orders per day.
    And all the other order placement limits like 10r/s and 200 order placement per minute limit will remain unchanged even if you create multiple apps.
  • sai11
    sai11 edited November 2023
    i am planning to stream the data using mutliple api and 3 websockets for each api as per kite.is it possible??
  • suprxd
    Is there a way this can be increased? I am looking for high volume trading like placing about 50 orders per second. I would be willing to pay for higher tier if it exists?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is not meant for HFT or latency based trading. The ideal solution is to get a colocation server setup at the exchange.
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