Formula to find brokerage and other charges

I want to exactly know how much a trade will cost me. I am aware of zerodha brokerage calculator. Was wondering if someone already have pseudocode/code for this calculation.

  • asto
    @rakeshr @sujith @Vivek @MAG
    Yeah that would be really helpful :) ... if either the back end code/pseudocode or at least exact calculation method of brokerage calculator can be shared in the forum

    Or if someone has made his/her own calculator with close enough results can share the code (if they are comfortable with it ) or atleast the pseudocode / calculation method

    There are following doubts in making the calculator...

    1. Brokerage(0.03%) is applied only while opening a position or both ( enter price and exit price separately)

    STT is applied on the sell side as per the charges page
    2. Is it applied only while opening a short position or also while closing a long position
    3. Should the STT charge(0.025%) be applied to the price while being sold ( enter /exit depends 2.) or also to the price of inverse action(buy) of the trade.

    4.Transaction charges are applied only while opening a position(0.00345 while entering a new position) or also while closing the position ( 0.00345% per order ,enter and exit )

    5.SEBI charge is given 10 R/cr how is it appplied for order below 1 cr ? 10 /1cr *price of transaction(s) ? or 0 ? r some other method ?

    Stamp charges are applied to Buy side as per the charges page
    6. . Is it applied only while opening a long position or also while closing a short position
    7 should the stamp duty charge to price. while being buying ( enter /exit depends 6.) or also on the inverse action( sell ) of the trade

    would be great if the calculator function can be added to the api .. but i saw in some thread that it not very likely
    in near future :| ( sorry for the long post had LOT of doubts )
    thanx in advance :)
  • rakeshr
    We are coming up with charges API soon. Will update here once it's ready.
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