Any way to increase "Too many requests" limit other than buying more APIs?

KamalChhirang edited October 2022 in General
I am paying for 4 API's just because of this limit. Is it possible to pay 4x for 1 API Instead of paying 1x for 4 API's? It would be easier to handle.

Edit: Also, did something change today on 18th Oct 2022? I got "Too many request" error too much time during market open. I don't think I made that many requests, not sure.
  • Vivek
    Can you DM your IP address? We have added IP based ratelimits so for users with multiple api keys we will add bigger limits.
  • Narenderrangoli
    Sir what is IP limits now ?
  • KamalChhirang
    Ohh @Vivek

    I have messaged you the IP address.

    I again got the same error, too many request. I am running the same code, that I have been since last few months. Did you add this IP limit recently? Can you please increase my IP limit today itself.

    I am facing considerable a
  • KamalChhirang
    KamalChhirang edited October 2022
    If this cannot be solved before market opens tomorrow, can you please tell me ,what is the IP rate limit?

    So I can start multiple GCP Instances and run code using multiple IP addresses to avoid the problem temporarily. @Vivek @rakeshr

    Sorry to bother you, thanks a lot.
  • Vivek
    Vivek edited October 2022
    It's bit complicated. So here is the limits, which ever hits first is applied. All these are per IP based so if you have multiple users with multiple IPs then its applicable per IP.

    1. If you send more than 50 requests in 10 seconds which results in any response >400 then you will be receiving ratelimits for next 10 seconds.
    2. Max 250 requests in 10seconds from single IP.

    Incase you have more than few apps then we can slightly relax these ratelimits.
  • HowUTrade
    @Vivek @rakeshr @sujith

    One of our client also facing rate-limit issue. The setup was working fine for past several months, but now getting rate-limit error. The same setup working fine in other clients and servers.

    DMed the IP address and client id.
    Pls do the needful
  • sriraj1122
    Can you add my ip as well to avoid this issue.
    We are facing critical issue because of this.
  • Vaga
    Can you please elaborate on - "1. If you send more than 50 requests in 10 seconds which results in any response >400 then you will be receiving ratelimits for next 10 seconds."
    What do you mean by response > 400?

    My historical data api was working fine until 18th. Current use case is we make a request for data at every 5 mins for approx 50 instruments, by handling in retry function, If we receive too many request than we would wait for 1sec and retry it again 3times.

    How can we resolve this issue given your changes in API limit?
  • AbhyudayaCodes25
    We are also using KiteConnect API and we are also getting too many requests issue since yesterday market opening. We are not making 50 requests in 10 seconds. What to do ? Kindly guide
  • rakeshr
    @AbhyudayaCodes25 @Vaga @sriraj1122
    We have explained here in detail. You can post all your further queries on the same.
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