which one is faster? websocket using python or c++

"Python is an amazingly user-friendly language with the only flaw of being slow. In comparison to C, C++, and Java, it is quite slower. Online coding platforms, if C/C++ limit provided is X. Usually, in Java time provided is 2X and Python, it’s 5X.
To improve the speed of code execution for input/output intensive problems, languages have various input and output procedures."

I read this in geeksforgeeks.com (https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/python-input-methods-competitive-programming/?ref=rp).
so can someone help me to clarify which one is better to use in websocket streaming? and currently i am getting only 1 tick per second in python, i read in some threads that 5-10 ticks/ second is possible in kiteconnect. please give a clarification on this

thanks in advance.

@rakeshr , @sujith
just mentioning you guys as i have seen you guys reply to most of the threads...
  • sujith
    As far as the Kite Connect libraries are concerned, there won't be much difference since these are just the wrappers for HTTP calls, there are no computations done. All the Kite Connect clients just do the IO stuff. It is up to your strategy and the language, frameworks you are comfortable with that matter.
  • sujith
    And the computation you do with the data.
  • jijoycanto
    thanks for the reply... what is the actual maximum ticks/seconds for kiteconnect? can you please give a clarification on that? @sujith
  • rakeshr
    You can go through this thread to know about Websocket tick latency.
  • jijoycanto
    thanks for the reply @rakeshr... so to conclude kite websocket can only provide 1 tick per second presently? i'm asking it again since the thread you quoted was from 2018, was there no updation after that?
  • tahseen
    Sorry am little late but unless you want to do extremely fast HFT, you don't have to get bothered with so much of latency comparison.

    And the day you have to, you won't need Zerodha, you probably would go for direct to NSE connection and code in C/C++.

    But note the cost to direct to NSE connection are in lakhs, which means your algo should not only breakeven on not just one trade but also lakhs you paid for NSE connection.
  • jijoycanto
    thanks for the reply brother.. @tahseen
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