Zerodha logs out of the website everytime I generate the access token

Is there a way to stop zerodha from logging me out when I generate the access token every morning?

  • tonystark
    All trading accounts will logout every day morning. This is as per the regulations of Exchanges/SEBI.
  • akshay_thakker
    hi tony, i understand that, but after I have logged in the morning, and then during the day anytime i run the api, and generate access token there, it logs me out of the website as well.
  • tonystark
    Do you use a different browser for authenticating while generating access token? There is another regulation that doesn't allow client to have more than one simultaneous session.

    If possible use the same browser for your regular use and authenticating your Kite Connect app. Also if you are not doing it already, make sure you use the same access token for the whole day.
  • akshay_thakker
    Thanks Tony. The access token gets generated on AWS so cant use the same browser. But this is something that's just started happening since the past couple of days, earlier never faced this issue and I haven't made any changes to the setup.
  • maheshsolanke
    there is a way to stay logged in for the day, save your access token in one file whenever you need to log in again just read that access token from that file and send this access token to kite
  • akshay_thakker
    mahesh, it logs me out when I GENERATE the access token for the firs time during the day.
  • rakeshr
    it logs me out when I GENERATE the access token for the first time during the day.
    Can you let us know the timings of your access_token generation?
    You can go through this thread to know more about session timings.
  • akshay_thakker
    Hi Rakeshr, there is no fixed time to generate the access token, but to make you understand here is a scenario:
    I login to at lets say 9:20 am, post this when i generate the access token anytime after 9:20 am, be it 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:00 am ..... anytime, it logs me out of session
  • sujith
    It could be related to this.
  • akshay_thakker
    It is exactly as mentioned in the link! Well who can argue with the "regulator" they are the gods of random thoughts that only they can understand!! We mere mortals cannot begin to fathom the logic behind their rules!!
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