Couldn't find that 'order_id'


Today received the above error while modifying the order.
Pls check the logs below;
09:31:16.343 GeneralException: Couldn't find that `order_id`.: 200106000476990
09:31:17.562 GeneralException: Couldn't find that `order_id`.: 200106000476990
09:31:18.781 GeneralException: Couldn't find that `order_id`.: 200106000476990
  • sujith
    This is because OMS couldn't update the orderbook on time. There was some delay in orderbook updates. Our team is working with the OMS team to find a solution to this issue.
  • Kamalv
    @sujith i'm also facing same, what is the max delay we can expect for OMS update (i will wait till the time)? bcz my logic depends on this and it is failing.
  • sujith
    This should be fixed now. If it is still happening you can give us the client id and order_id in a private message and we will check and get back to you.
  • Kamalv
    @sujith Thanks for the response. I faced this today, at 9:15:32, shared details in private msg.
  • Kamalv
    @sujith any updates (did you get any chance to check details in private msg)?
  • sujith
    I didn't receive any details. Let me private message you.
  • Kamalv
    @sujith i faced same issue today, sent you details in personal msg.
  • debashis88
    debashis88 edited November 2021
    @sujith Dear Team,
    Even I faced the same problem today. Here are the details.
    Error: Couldn't find that `order_id`.
    Order ID: 211124200080679
    Time: 2021-11-24 09:15:10
    Order type: MARKET
    Product: MIS
    Stock name: TCS

    Is there any way to avoid this issue?
  • lalit1569
    Today I faced the same issue.
    Couldn't find that `order_id`.
    at D:\Ampps\www\rudraksh-trading\vendor\zerodha\phpkiteconnect\src\KiteConnect.php:1654
    [order_id] => 211126001783139
    [tradingsymbol] => NIFTY21DECFUT
    [status] => TRIGGER PENDING
    [product] => NRML
    [quantity] => 50
    [price] => 0
    [trigger_price] => 17403.5
    [fprice] => 17403.5
    [last_price] => 0
    [order_timestamp] => 2021-11-26 10:46:13
  • rakeshr
    Couldn't find that `order_id`.
    Has it happened only for that specific order or it's happening continuously?
    Also, can you check the complete order book and paste order response for the same order here?
  • lalit1569
    It's happening continuously.
  • lalit1569
    This happened again today here is the order log.
    "placed_by": "HU1230",
    "order_id": "211129003621420",
    "exchange_order_id": "1100000079455702",
    "parent_order_id": null,
    "status": "TRIGGER PENDING",
    "status_message": null,
    "status_message_raw": null,
    "order_timestamp": "2021-11-29 14:45:00",
    "exchange_update_timestamp": "2021-11-29 14:45:02",
    "exchange_timestamp": {
    "date": "2021-11-29 14:45:02.000000",
    "timezone_type": 3,
    "timezone": "Asia/Kolkata"
    "variety": "regular",
    "exchange": "NFO",
    "tradingsymbol": "NIFTY21DECFUT",
    "instrument_token": 18258178,
    "order_type": "SL-M",
    "transaction_type": "BUY",
    "validity": "DAY",
    "product": "NRML",
    "quantity": 100,
    "disclosed_quantity": 0,
    "price": 0,
    "trigger_price": 17143.7,
    "average_price": 0,
    "filled_quantity": 0,
    "pending_quantity": 100,
    "cancelled_quantity": 0,
    "market_protection": 0,
    "meta": {},
    "tag": "",
    "tags": [
    "guid": "21099XAgcNLYEqqIBH",
    "fprice": 17143.7,
    "last_price": 0
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